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The painting process begins by evaluating the condition of the aircraft. Previously painted planes are chemically stripped with an environmentally safe stripper and then properly sanded for mechanical adhesion. Fiberglass and carbon fiber parts are prepped differently than aluminum, and for aluminum surfaces a chromate epoxy primer is applied prior to base coating and clear.

Sherwin Williams Aerospace approved coatings are primarily used with total weight of products used kept minimum as possible.

Airbrushing, striping and custom paint schemes are offered services to give your plane a unique look. As well, custom made panels and parts, bezels and trim pieces which can be custom made that work within FAA code. Dent repair, fiberglass repairs and corrosion protection as well.

After the aircraft has been painted, wet sanding and buffing follows. Buffing out any significant imperfections in the painting process comes as standard procedure, but the option to wet sand and buff the whole surface of the aircraft is an option if desired for a show-like finish that is flat and smooth.

While some may say automotive paints are fine enough for painting planes. The experts at Sherwin Williams in their aerospace division would likely say otherwise. Their Acry Glo and Jet Glo paint systems are designed specifically for airplanes with the constant high speeds and elements they are exposed to. These paints are performance coatings that provide exceptional durability and appearance. 

Single stage colors are available for basic paintjobs as well as two stage solid and metallic colors with a clear topcoat. The clear coat will give some depth to the finish and is especially ideal when doing any sort of artwork over the base coated finish.

sw paint_edited.jpg
(Shown in SW epoxy primer)

-Aircraft Painting-

custom Design

Take your finish to the next level

For those interested in something past the ordinary paintjob, multi color layout, stripes, fades, paint schemes to however far your imagination runs to achieve the look you are aiming for, Knight's Kustoms, is ready for the challenge. This is my specialty and will work with you one on one through the designing process to achieve the right look. Adobe programs are used to lay it out for you in a digital rendering before getting to work. This is a fun and exciting part of the process.

Custom paint to enhance your plane while putting some art in the sky.

As well, it can also be a great marketing tool for corporate companies, sports teams, musician or artists private aircraft personalization. The possibilities in customization are endless. 

Designs made such as these samples to the right are original and used as examples of such renderings.

orange jet1.png
example 1
example 2
example 3


Exterior detailing services include wet wash and wax, removing excess oil and dirt. Machine buffing of any dull areas in the finish to restore back to its original luster. Scratches and other areas of imperfections are touched up. Landing gear, exhaust track and tight areas throughout the exterior are thoroughly and carefully cleaned with proper aviation grade cleaners. Metal bright work is polished free of scratches and build up and a polymer base sealant applied for a mirror-like finish.

Interior is wiped down with gentle cleaners around the cockpit's controls and monitors, trim and light lenses buffed. The windscreen, paneling, leather and vinyl are deep cleaned and conditioned, carpet vacuumed and stains in any of the upholstery or carpet are addressed.

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