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Arch Lamp


Fully welded steel construction

lamp color.jpg

Multi-color adjustment


"Absolute black" granite base


Lamp shade illuminates ceiling 

lamp neck_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Polished stainless neck


7' Clear span for sufficient space

    Constructed with a bold curvilinear shape, this ultra-modern floor lamp is sure to be a conversational piece while impressing a sense of opulence to its room. Using 12v LED's along the arch and for its main bulb which glows to 700 lumens at a color temperature of 6,000 kelvin, it produces adequate directional lighting with absolute minimal energy used and providing long life between LED replacement. The sturdy granite base and overall balanced design keeps this lamp upright and safe from tipping. Change the light color along the arch with 12 preset colors on its remote control along with dimming capability, or, download an app and control from your android/apple for additional colors and wifi control.

$ 5,300

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